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English Learning in Action: Beyond the Basics

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Active Classroom, The (#8457)
This guide offers strategies for facilitating active learning for students. Each of the ten chapters is devoted to a different aspect of classroom or group management, from creating a structured environment to managing movement, teaching to all learning modalities, presenting with confidence, and incorporating music, visual aids, and technology. Appendices include a checklist for conducting observations of active classrooms, and a sample lesson plan.

After School Math Plus (#7914)
Designed for underserved student populations, this material uses inquiry-based activities aimed at helping students understand how math is used in everyday life. Through four themes, students explore patterns and symmetry, drawing to scale, fractions, and using graphs to show data. The lessons contain clear and simple instructions for delivery, and stress career exploration, family involvement, museum partnerships, and inclusion of students with special needs. An implementation guide and four activity guides are included.

Building Fluency Through Reader’s Theater Series
The kits in this series provide scripts, guidance, and materials for integrating Reader’s Theater, a method for building reading fluency. Students practice reading aloud and acting as they read from plays based on grade-level themes. Each grade-level set contains two scripts in each of these content areas: science, mathematics, language arts, and social studies (a total of eight scripts per kit).

Discovering Science Through Inquiry Series
The resources in this series reinforce science concepts. The lessons employ the “5E Method” for inquiry-based learning, in which students engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate as they build knowledge. Each of the kits contains 16 lessons that provide background and vocabulary, hands-on experiments and investigations, and an assessment. Accompanying inquiry cards include full-color visual aids, brief reading passages, investigation activities, writing prompts, and a scientific challenge that encourages students to apply learning to the real world.

Interactive Thinkalouds: 25 Surefire Ways to Engage Students and Improve Comprehension (#8039)
This resource provides background information, ideas, and lessons for educators to use thinkalouds. Part one presents information on how to engage students in reading through using exemplary literature, props and music, and scaffolded language. Part two provides 25 interactive lessons to teach students comprehension strategies. The accompanying DVD contains videos of the lessons used in authentic classroom settings and supporting resources.

Language of Math Series, The
This material provides English learners with a systematic way to learn mathematics language. The lessons provide students with different ways to learn each concept, including class discussions, vocabulary cards, and sample problems.

More Than Just Talk: English Language Learning in After School (#7404)
This resource is designed to teach staff the basics of language development to support English learners in after school programs. Background and tools for supporting students at home and at school are provided. Activities are designed to reach students at different stages of English proficiency.

Playbooks Reader’s Theater Series
The resources in this series provide scripts for students to act out stories in entertaining formats. Students practice reading aloud and acting skills as they perform plays based on a variety of age-appropriate themes. The scripts are designed for groups of students whose reading levels vary, but who can all benefit from interactive role-play experiences.

Primary Sources Series
This material uses short lessons and replicas of key historical documents, known as “primary sources,” as well as letters, maps, cartoons, and other visual aids to help students learn about social studies. A teacher’s guide provides guidance for using the primary sources, lessons and activities, and assessments. Each kit contains 16 photographs with background information, discussion prompts, and student activities. A CD with photographs, additional primary sources, and extension activities is included.

Santillana Camp Can Do Series
This series promotes the development of social and academic language skills. Flexible, step-by-step lessons are focused on social studies or science. Interactive activities target oral language, vocabulary, reading, and writing development at different English proficiency levels.

Strategies for Building Academic Vocabulary Series
The resources in this series are designed to help students expand their academic vocabulary in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science. Each of the four subject-specific kits contains 25 hands-on strategies that build vocabulary skills. Lessons provide an overview of the strategy, guidance for when and why to use it, a list of readily-accessible materials, and step-by-step directions. Tips for working with students of varying ability levels are included. Additional components include an assessment section, a teacher resource CD, ample word lists, and parent letters in English and Spanish.

Targeted Mathematics Intervention Series
The resources in this series are designed for use in after school, summer school, and other instructional settings aimed at providing intervention support for students. Each grade-level kit contains 30 lessons targeting foundational concepts in the core mathematical strands: number sense; algebra and function
s; measurement and geometry; statistics, data analysis and probability; and mathematical reasoning. The lessons provide a warm-up activity; key vocabulary; a step-by-step lesson; differentiated guided practice for students below, on, or above grade level; a problem-solving activity; test preparation; and a hands-on learning game. Other components include: problem-solving transparencies, pacing plans, a practice book, manipulatives, hands-on games, and a teacher’s resource guide.

Targeted Reading Intervention Series
Grounded on reading intervention research, the resources in this series are designed for use in after school, summer school, and other instructional settings. Each grade-level kit contains 30 lessons targeting foundational reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills. The lessons provide a warm-up activity, vocabulary exploration, reading and writing practice, differentiated exercises for students at various reading levels, and interactive games.

Writing for Students DVD (#7718)
This set of seven videos presents two young hosts discussing how to use writing as a communication tool. Through practical examples, they explore the writing process and different writing forms and styles. They offer practical tips and ideas to make writing effective depending on the purpose, audience, and genre.

CASRC Resource Library
The CASRC is a statewide circulating library with health, safety, and academic resources available for four week loan, with free delivery, to California after school programs.


Language Development Levels (PDF)

General Information

Alliance for a Better Community
Works to ensure that after school programs are high quality and address the learning needs of all students, including English learners.

California After School Network
Provides a short video on effectively supporting English learners, membership in the statewide After School English Learners Committee, publications, and professional development opportunities for after school profiessionals.

California Association for Bilingual Education
Promotes bilingual education and quality educational experiences for all students in California through membership-based services, including conferences and publications.

Center for Afterschool Education at Foundations Inc.
Provides professional development, technical assistance, tools, and publications for after school.

Colorin Colorado
Provides free information, activities, and advice for educators and Spanish-speaking families of English learners.

National Association for Multicultural Education
Provides access to a variety of resources, as well as research and policy information regarding multicultural education.

National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education
Collects, coordinates, and conveys research and resources in support of an inclusive approach to high-quality education for English learners.

Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages
Provides membership-based services and resources for educators, including publications, lesson plans, assessment tools, and research.

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