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Training Instructions

  1. Select a training from the training list at the top of the Training Modules page.
  2. Select the Start the Training option. Trainings are approximately 30 minutes in length. Allow enough time to complete the training in one sitting. If you select the Training Resources option, you will be able to access resources and additional information to support your learning during the training. If you select the Training Presentation option, you will be able to access a printable PDF of the training slides and narration script.
  3. Complete and submit the training registration. Each training will require a separate registration.
  4. Begin the training. The following training features are available within each training:
    • Training versions: The trainings can be viewed in either the Graphic or Accessible Text-Only version. You can toggle between the two at any time using the links in the upper left corner of the training.
      • The Graphic version uses slide images and audio narrations. Audio narrations will start automatically when a slide is opened. Controls for repeating the audio narration are located on the audio player below the slide image. Note that JavaScript must be enabled to use the provided audio player. If Javascript is turned off, the narration text is available in the Accessible Text-Only version.
      • The Accessible Text-Only version is an accessible format that uses descriptive text for all informative graphics and the training narration.
    • Training navigation: Navigation options are available at the top of the training.
      • Select the Previous option to review the previous training slide.
      • Select the Next option to advance to the next training slide.
      • Select the Index option to view a list of training slides and access individual slides.
  5. Take the quiz. If you receive a passing score of 80 percent on the quiz, a completion certificate will be e-mailed to you at the e-mail address you provide during the registration process (allow three business days for processing). If you don’t receive a passing score, you can repeat the training and retake a quiz by linking back to the beginning of the training. Alternatively, you can end your session and repeat the training and retake a quiz at another time.
  6. Complete or opt out of the anonymous feedback survey.
  7. Access additional resources related to the training.
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