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About This Site

Accessibility Policy

The CASRC and CHKRC online trainings Web site is designed to be accessible for all users. The accessibility features of this Web site are outlined below.

Web Site Features

Common Look and Feel; Simple Design

The pages of the CASRC and CHKRC online trainings Web site are primarily text-based and have a simple, consistent design. Navigation tabs at the top of each page provide users with simple, consistent navigation options.

Accessible Images

Images on the CASRC and CHKRC online trainings Web site and within the online trainings modules contain “alternative text” descriptions, enabling assistive technology to read image descriptions.

Adjustable Text Size

Users are able to adjust text size on the CASRC and CHKRC online trainings Web pages by using their browser text size adjustment features. In most browsers, users can select the option of “View” or “Page” and follow the steps to increase text size.

Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets are used for the layout of the CASRC and CHKRC online trainings Web site. The use of tables for site layout was avoided.

Accessible Text-Only Versions of Trainings

The trainings can be viewed in either the Graphic or Accessible Text-Only version. The Accessible Text-Only version is an accessible format that uses descriptive text for training content, including the informative graphics and the narration.

PDF Documents

PDF documents have been tagged for accessibility. Accessible tags include alternative text for informative images and tags for page organization so that pages are read in the proper order.

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